Supporting your Business is our Business

We provide business-focused I.T. support services to help organizations of all sizes. Our services include on-site troubleshooting and computer repairs, cloud-hosted business phone systems, professional website design and hosting solutions for email and data backups.

I.T. support technician reading document to repair and office computer

Local On Site I.T. Support & Computer Repairs for your Office

We specialize in professional I.T. support and computer repairs for small businesses. Most common issues get resolved quickly on the first service call. What sets Waterfront support apart from the competition?

  • Fast response – usually the same day – anywhere in CBRM
  • Professional, BBB Accredited, and fully insured
  • Hardware and Software support for Windows and MacOS
  • Loaner service available
  • Flexible payment options and maintenance plans

Walk-ins are always Welcome

We always have a technician in the shop during business hours, ready to answer your questions, provide advice, and diagnose your Windows or MacOS computer issues. We repair laptops and desktop computers experiencing a range of problems:

  • Won’t power-on or boot-up
  • Slow performance or frequent crashing
  • Display problems and connectivity issues
  • Physical damage from drops, or Liquid damage from spills
technician has laptop open to expose motherboard for repairs

Computer System Upgrades

With a few upgrades along the way, a good quality computer should have 7-10 years of service life. We take pride in our ability to keep older computers working at peak performance for many years. Most quality laptops and desktop PC’s can be upgraded – saving you hundreds of dollars and reducing your environmental footprint. So, which components should you upgrade?

  • For most older computers, adding extra RAM will instantly boost performance.
  • It’s important to replace old mechanical Hard Drives with newer Solid State drives to prevent data loss and boost performance.
  • Laptop batteries usually need replacing after about 5 years.
  • Your operating system should always be upgraded to the most recent version supported by your hardware.
  • In desktop computers, upgrading the graphics processor (GPU) can make a big difference.
  • Simply replacing your keyboard and mouse or getting a larger monitor can make an old computer feel new again.


Almost all businesses, no matter their size, rely on some kind of network. It may be as simple as a single PC connected directly to a modem, or a complex system with hundreds of users and devices spanning multiple locations. We provide network support for small businesses – typically from 3 to 30+ users.

  • Secure wireless networks and public “guest” networks
  • Secure file sharing between specific staff or groups
  • Remote access for WFH (work from home) employees
  • Firewall rules and content filtering

Internet Security, Backups, and Recovery

Data loss can occur for a number of reasons – hardware failure, ransomware, software errors – and recovering data after an incident can be extremely difficult. We provide on-site data recovery services, and may use third party resources for extremely difficult recovery situations. Recovery isn’t always possible – so prevention is a much better option:

  • Use strong passwords and 2FA (two factor authentication)
  • Avoid posting personal information on social media
  • Learn how spot phishing emails and fake/dangerous websites
  • Always keep an updated external backup of your important data

cPanel (IMAP) and Microsoft 365 Email Hosting

We have helped hundreds of customers with setup and management of their business email accounts. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider we can host all your business email accounts – 50GB each – on a Microsoft tenant.

If you can make do with less space – up to 5GB per user – we offer extremely affordable Canadian cPanel IMAP email hosting.

Either way – your email, contacts, and calendars will be synchronized across all your devices.

Microsoft outlook email client displayed on an Android tablet
Wordpress themes designed and supported  by Kadence

WordPress Website design and hosting

Just like 44% of all websites, this website is built with WordPress. WordPress is by far the most versatile web design platform available – and we have over a decade of experience designing and hosting WordPress websites for a wide range of uses:

  • accommodations and booking sites
  • single store e-commerce
  • multi-vendor marketplaces
  • Customer support and ticketing systems.

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